Due Diligence

Due Diligence Services

GBS provides Due Diligence Services when clients are considering:

  1. Buying a company
  2. Investing in a company
  3. Entering into trade contracts with a company

The due diligence process evaluates the financial and legal situation of the company or individual in question as well as their reputation along with those of their main associates.

Most clients have a need to validate the opinion of their prospective business partners to confirm authorization in order to continue with the proposed deal.

The risks involved with not carrying out due diligence checks range from the potential risk of companies buying, investing or trading with other organizations that are not what they are purported to be, to the risk that a business maintains a relationship that may prove discreditable.

GBS offers due diligence reports tailored to specific client’s needs and budgets.

The essential quality information a company requires does not have to be as expensive as typically perceived.

Business Due Diligence reports provide:

  • Company Credit Check
  • Directorship details
  • Company Documentation (where legally available)
  • We highlight ‘red flag’ issues such as political and criminal connections
  • Full worldwide media check
  • Reputation check – we contact companies, individuals, ex employees and colleagues etc. who are willing to provide a reputational overview of the company or associate.
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