Employment Verifications

Employment Verifications

Pre-Employment Screening

A large percentage of a company’s success can be attributed to their employees. Obtaining a background screening report from GBS ensures previous employment history is substantiated. These verifications can be executed with various levels of detail.

When companies find a suitable candidate, GBS can offer its clients the simplest, most complete solution to their needs. Direct contact is made with the entities that can verify the candidate’s diploma, employment history, credit history, and reputation.

GBS issues a full report with speed and efficiency enabling our clients to hire an employee without delay, knowing they have fulfilled all of the screening requirements for peace of mind and security.

GBS provides its customers with a one-stop solution to effectively and quickly hire their chosen candidate.

Verifications Provided

Credit/ Bankruptcy Check

Confirms credit history, details unpaid debts and bankruptcy filings

Academic Verification

Verify diploma type, attendance/graduation dates and field(s) of study

Employment Verification

Verify date of employment, position and reason for leaving


GBS provides a standard list of questions but will offer custom questionnaires specific to your business requirements.